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A film is worth a thousand words

In the past few weeks, we have on several occasions connected with each other to educate ourselves and increase awareness of prejudice and systemic racism in our language, customs, unwritten rules, and behaviors. We know that racism impacts daily life in the Netherlands as well as many other places. If Beale Street Could Talk is a compelling story about the immense personal impact that results from injustice, discrimination and systemic racism.

The movie night is presented by Bain Amsterdam in partnership with Cinetree, an organization that every month provides a curated selection of stunning & impactful movies. In addition to this subscription-based selection, it is also possible to rent individual movies. In light of the current topic and the increasing awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement, they are offering some beautiful movies for rent under the category Black Films Matter.

About the movie

After years of friendship, Tish and Fonny finally dare to give in to their love for each other. Their wonderful relationship is brutally abrupted when Fonny is charged with rape. If Beale Street Could Talk is an intimate portrait of the unconditional trust in a love that can overcome anything.

Black Films Matter

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

  • 2013
  • Biography, Drama
  • 141 minuten

I Am Not Your Negro

  • 2016
  • Documentary
  • 93 minuten


  • 2014
  • Biography, Drama, History
  • 128 minuten

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